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Cyclocross News
Who does the stutter step? Cannondale p/b pro Kaitlin Antonneau asked the group of 30 women attending the Sunday, August 26th at Cincinnatis Kings CX venue. A few raised their hands. A stutter step is a momentum sapping quick foot shuffle just before remounting the bike. Kaitlin demonstrated how to remount the bike without doing the stutter step. As a learning tool, I tell people to keep the left foot planted on the ground until the right leg is over the saddle, she added. As the group practiced on a small loop, you could see the attendees become more fluid each time around.
How to aquaseal a tubular tire with owner and Cannondale prepared by Managing Director Stu Thorne.
Cyclocrossworld's Stu Thorne has made a name for himself as one of the world's premiere cyclocross mechanics. During this year's cyclocross season, Velonews took a look at the meticulous process Stu uses to glue tubular tires for the Cannondale prepared by professional cyclocross team.