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2012 SRAM Red

New SRAM RED represents the pinnacle of road racing technology and delivers countless performance advantages to the professional and enthusiast alike. For 2012, the new RED continues in the SRAM tradition as the leader in light weight, flawless shifting, and ergonomic advantage with gorgeous aesthetic styling.

How did SRAM improve on the worlds best mechanical gruppo? They started with everything they knew, and then designed a brand new drivetrain from scratch. Each part was engineered with the twin goals of eliminating the superfluous while focusing on an overall synergy that translates into unmatched performance. Elegant and simple, RED perfects the riding experience through genuine innovation. SRAM RED changes everything.

Ridley Bikes and Frames


The Flemish region of Belgium is infamous for serving up the harshest cycling conditions - where driving rain, cobbled non-category climbs, snow and ice are the norm for its 6,000 racing clubs. This place, the pounding heart of a passionate cycling nation where the most revered Spring Classics unfold, is the cold steel anvil where flesh and bone are forged into the greatest racers of all time.

This is Belgium, home to Ridley Bikes, and it is here where Ridley's products are engineered, hammered into raw form by the roads themselves, and where we refine them in competition.

This is Ridley. We are Belgium. is proud to be the first to show you the 2013 line of cyclocross bikes and frames. So you don't miss out, you can pre-order any of Ridley's 2013 cyclocross bikes now so you won't have to wait when they become available in July!

Dugast Road and Cyclocross Tires

The professionals choose them because they're simply the best tires out there. You choose them for the same reason.

For years, professional cyclists have been riding on Dugast tires because they are everything you could ask for in a tire. They're light and supple and there's a tire for every need and situation. Professionals routinely rebadge their Dugast tires to appease sponsors, because they know that Dugasts are simply unmatched. and have every Dugast tire you could ever need for road and cyclocross riding and racing. We've even got a few tires that will get you moving on your mountain bike, if you're so inclined. Pick up a set of the world's best tires today!

Lazer Helmets and Eyewear

Lazer has everything you need to keep you looking sharp on (and off) the bike. From helmets to eyewear, Lazer has something for everyone.

If you need to keep yourself safe in case you crash, Lazer's helmets are second to none in safety, comfort and light weight. Their top-end Helium helmet is used by professional teams the world over and is perfect on the road or in the 'cross arena.

If going fast is the name of the game, introduce yourself to the Lazer Tardiz. Countless hours of research and development went into making this helmet as fast as possible.

Finally, if you need to keep the wind, rain and whatever else might be in the air out of your eyes, and have a full array of Lazer's new vision line to keep your eyes happy in style.

Cyclocross News

Cyclocross Event Helps Bevin Brothers Rise from Ashes After Fire

PROVIDENCE, R.I (September 25, 2012). - In cyclo-cross there is one piece of equipment nearly as essential as the bike: the cowbell.

This raucous fan base typically has gloved hands for this cold-weather sport. So the cowbell became essential. Dating back to the famous Super Cup series, cyclo-cross promoters often decorated bells for their event.

"More Cowbell" is a common reference. Greg Keller's popular website is titled "Mud and Cowbells." Molly Hurford's new book on American cyclo-cross is titled "The Girl with the Cowbell Tattoo." And when Cyclocross Magazine rates equipment they denote quality by the number of cowbells next to the review.

"There are no shortage of cheap, foreign bells. But in unpacking a box of bells nearly 20 years ago I saw a stamp on the box that read 'Bevin Bros. East Hampton, CT' and I became intrigued," said Richard Fries, the promoter of the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival.

Founded in 1832, Bevin Brothers is the last remaining bell manufacturer in this town nicknamed "Belltown" because it once hosted as many as 30 different bell manufacturers. Cowbells, sleigh bells, ships' bells, jingle bells, brass hand bells.....They all came from Bevin Brothers. This company made the bell that rings on Santa Claus at Macy's; the bell that gave Clarence his wings in the closing scene of It's a Wonderful Life; the bell that rang for many years on the New York Stock Exchange; the bells that sounded the rounds of most of Muhammad Ali's great fights. They were all Bevin bells. Even the Salvation Army bell ringers in North America are all equipped each Christmas season by this little Connecticut company.

Sadly the residents of Belltown heard a different bell on May 27, 2012. Those bells were for fire. Officials believe lightning ignited a fire that completely destroyed the Bevin Brothers Manufacturing facility.

"We lost an indescribable amount of history in that blaze", said sixth generation owner, Matt Bevin. "Old photos, old patterns, one-of-a-kind bells...All gone. What the fire could not destroy, however, was the spirit that built this company in the first place. The backbone of American business was not forged by quitters. The bells will ring out again from Belltown. The next 180 years starts today."

In trying to literally rise from the ashes, Bevin Brothers has struggled to continue operations as the last true American bell manufacturer. That's when the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival called. The organizers wanted to order Bevin Brothers bells to distribute to the winners of each race. And they wanted to pay full retail to help the company grow.

"It is an honor for us to provide the only American made cowbells to the podium finishers at this event," noted Bevin. "Each of these winners will embody the same effort and determination that has powered our family business since 1832. We are truly grateful for the support of the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival's organizers, participants and fans."

But there is yet another story. A batch of jingle bells survived the fire, albeit with some discoloration. These historic bells will also be distributed to every podium finisher. Additional "survivor bells" will be available at Roger Williams Park for patrons seeking to help with the restoration of this great American company.

"We are giving these bells out to thank sponsors, the media, and our key partners," added Fries. "The bells are in a box that tells the story of this amazing New England company. We're eager to help."

The fourth annual Providence Cyclo-cross Festival will be held Oct. 6 and 7, 2012. Held in Roger Williams Park on a course used for the 2005 and 2006 U.S. National Cyclo-cross Championships, the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival returns as a UCI sanctioned Category 1 event . Organized by Providence Cross Fest LLC, the event is also part of the Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross series. For more information, visit