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Cyclocross News Lightbike Project
Posted by on 11/15/2011 to Tech
How low can you go? We wanted to see how light a 'cross bike can really get. This isn't one of those project bikes where every component is milled out and costs countless man hours to produce. This is a project bike you can buy at This is a project bike that you can bring with you to the races. This is a project bike that you can beat up, shake around, get dirty, power wash and it will keep coming back for more.

We picked the best components in our catalog and tried to keep as much weight off as possible. We didn't cut any corners or use any products that would fail as soon as they went off road. We went as light as you can go, without losing any performance advantages. Believe us, we had to struggle to keep this thing on the scale!

It was an uncharacteristically busy night in the pits for Cannondale prepared by team principal and chief mechanic Stu Thorne at the CrossVegas season opener. En route to a second place finish for Swiss National Champion Christian Heule, Thorne had to fix a pair of bizarre mechanical incidents.

Luckily for Stu, Cannondale prepared by had a very capable pare of hands on deck, having enlisted the help of Daimien Shanks. Without him, none of the teamís Vegas exploits would have been possible.

Much to the delight of the team, and the on looking crowd, Johnson was able to chase his way back into the lead group and help Heule to his second place finish while finishing seventh himself.